Focus on high quality inverter, with patent technology for remote control
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Know our inverter in one minute
Sufficient power Standard power, quality assurance
Shockproof and durable More than 10 years’ lifespan
2 years warranty 24hours on-line service
OEM customization Factory direct sales
Energy saving Power saving
Support OEM customization
Pugu - Professional inverter manufacturer,Provide OEM service!
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Obtaining quotations
Provide OEM serviceYou just need to ask, the rest to us!
Submit demand
01. Communicate
02. Programme
03. Contract
04. Manufacturing
05. Deliver goods
06. After-sale service
We have core technology, R&D and production base, and form a complete product system to provide you with high quality products and services.
Seriously do good products, conscientiously provide good service, to provide professional dynamic company and industry information
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+86 13646268260
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TEL: +86 13646268260