Difference between pure sine wave inverter and modified sine
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In view of the customers' awareness of the inverter, Wenzhou Pugu New Energy Co., Ltd. specially issued this article for your reference.
1: Simply say that the pure sine wave is better than the modified sine wave, the price is high, adapt to various loads, no damage to the electrical appliances, especially

household appliances, motor loads. The modified sine wave inverter is only suitable for resistive loads, which will damage each other with inductive loads and reduce the service

life of the electrical appliances. This is a waveform defect that cannot be compensated for and cannot be changed by any manufacturer.

2: The pure sine wave inverter is larger than the modified sine wave inverter on the volume and weight.

3: The pure sine wave inverter and the modified sine wave inverter also differ greatly in the internal circuit. First of all, due to the problem of waveform modulation, the sine wave

inverter must require the control of the software and the modulation of the inductor and capacitor. Therefore, the sine wave inverter must require a single chip and an inductor,

which is well known. The technical difficulty is also much higher than the modified wave inverter. As a result, the price of the pure sine wave inverter is much higher than that of

the modified wave inverter.

4: When you buy, don't blindly pursue the price. When the price is low, you should consider the quality and authenticity of the product. No one will do a loss-making business.

Whether the power and some parameters are recognized 1: The volume and weight increase with the increase of power. This is the basic knowledge. First of all, from the

perspective of the circuit, the increase in power causes the boosting power of the inverter to increase, while the boosting part of the front stage mainly consists of a transformer

and a MOS transistor, so the increase in volume and weight becomes a necessary condition. . Don't trust what other people say about technology improvement, because

transformer MOS tubes have a fixed specification, and you can't change no matter your technology grows. Everyone should not easily believe in their own eyes. Now there are

many inverters on the market that are large in size and small in internal circuits, so they are nominally a large power, soliciting customers at an ultra-low price. We have to weigh

the weight.

5: Normal inverters have 5 major protections (undervoltage protection, overvoltage protection, overtemperature protection, overload protection, short circuit protection). And

another very important parameter is the instantaneous power and cut-off time. First of all, short circuit protection, this function is crucial, and it is easy to be ignored, it is also a

difficult point of production. Short-circuit protection means that the inverter will self-protect and will not burn when the inverter output is in a short-circuit condition. You should

never assume that this function works in the short-circuit state. You can pay attention to it yourself, so it is wrong. Because some cold resistive loads have a resistance of only a

few ohms at startup, which is equivalent to a short circuit condition, and if there is no short circuit protection, the inverter will die. Associated with this protection is the

instantaneous power, because it is equivalent to being in a short-circuit state, so the current is very large. If the instantaneous power of the inverter is not done, the load cannot

be started. Moreover, the short-circuit protection cannot be locked off and must be automatically restored. There must also be an interval for the cut-off time. Otherwise, the load

is not activated and the inverter is turned off. This is repeated and causes injuries to each other.


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